What Was The 80s Fashion?

The 80s fashion was a time of big hair, colorful clothes, and outrageous styles. It was a decade of excess, and it showed in the clothing. The 80s is often remembered as one of the most fashion-forward decades.

This is because the 80s was a time when people took risks with their clothing and weren’t afraid to stand out. The 80s was also a decade of change. There were new style icons, new designers, and new trends. This made the 80s an exciting time for fashion.

The 80s Were A Time Of Big Hair, Shoulder Pads, And Neon Colors

The 80s was a time of big hair, shoulder pads, and neon colors. The fashion in the 80s was loud and in your face. The bright colors and bold patterns were a way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd. The 80s was a time of self-expression and individuality.

Fashion Icons: Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson

When thinking about 80s fashion, a few icons come to mind. Madonna was known for her style, which often included lace gloves, fishnet stockings, and layered necklaces. Cyndi Lauper was also a fashion icon of the 80s with her fun and colorful style. And of course, Michael Jackson was known for his one-glove look. All of these celebrities helped to shape the fashion of the 80s and are still iconic today.

The Birth Of Designer Labels: Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren

The birth of designer labels like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren in 80s fashion was a big deal. These two brands represented something different than what had come before. They were sleek, sophisticated, and modern. This new look was a refreshing change from the traditional and stuffy clothing that was typically associated with high-end fashion. The arrival of these labels signaled a new era in which fashion was more accessible to the average person.

While Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren may have been the most popular names in fashion during the 80s, they were far from the only ones making waves in the industry. Other designers, such as Donna Karan and Tommy Hilfiger, were also becoming household names thanks to their unique take on the style. The 80s was truly a golden age for fashion, with many different labels and designers to choose from.

Street Style: Acid-Wash Jeans, Spandex, Tracksuits

In the 1980s, the casual style became more popular, as people began to dress down for everyday occasions. Acid-wash jeans, spandex, and tracksuits were all popular choices for a relaxed look. These items were often seen in bright colors or with bold patterns, reflecting the overall aesthetic of the decade.

Color: Neon Colors Were Everywhere

Neon colors were all the rage in the 80s. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing at least one person sporting a neon green, pink, or yellow shirt. Neon colors were so popular because they were eye-catching and vibrant. They made a statement and helped people stand out from the crowd.

Neon colors are still popular today. Many people enjoy wearing neon colors because they are fun and make them feel happy. Neon colors can also be used to make a fashion statement. If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider wearing a neon shirt or dress.

Clothes: Tight Jeans, Leggings, And Lycra Were Popular

For many people, the eighties was a decade of excess-big hair, big shoulder pads, and big jeans. But for some, it was all about tight clothes. Jeans, leggings, and Lycra were popular choices for those who wanted to show off their bodies.

For women, tight jeans were often paired with crop tops or tight t-shirts. Leggings were also popular, especially when worn with an oversized top or dress. Lycra was often used in sportswear, but it also made its way into everyday wear as body-con dresses and skirts became fashionable.

Men’s fashion wasn’t immune to the trend of tight clothing either. Skinny jeans and form-fitting t-shirts were popular choices for young men in the eighties.

Footwear: High Heels, Trainers, And Jelly Shoes

For a decade defined by big hair, shoulder pads, and neon everything, it’s no surprise that 80s fashion was pretty out there. But what exactly were people wearing? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular trends of the 80s.

One of the most iconic 80s looks is the high-top sneaker. Popularized by brands like Nike and Reebok, these sneakers were often worn with workout gear or acid-wash jeans. Another footwear option for women in the 80s was the jelly shoe. These colorful plastic shoes were usually worn with socks and were a must-have for any young girl.

Of course, no 80s outfit is complete without a pair of high heels. Whether they were stilettos or platform sandals, high heels were always in style in the 1980s.

Hair: Big Hair Was Back, Think Crimp and Perm

The 80s were a time of big hair. Women crimped their hair and got perms to achieve the big, voluminous look that was in style. Big hair was often paired with bold makeup and bright clothes. This decade was all about making a statement with your appearance.

Makeup: Bright Eyeshadow And Dark Lipstick

In the 1980s, many women wore bright eyeshadow and dark lipstick. This was a popular look because it made women look more glamorous and sophisticated. Many women also wore false eyelashes and heavy foundations to complete their looks. This style of makeup was often seen in magazines and on television, and many women wanted to recreate the looks they saw.


The 80s were a time of bold fashion choices. From the neon colors to the big hair, people made fashion statements that were meant to be seen. And while some trends from the 80s have made a comeback, others are best left in the past. But one thing is for sure: the 80s was a time when people had fun with their fashion and weren’t afraid to take risks.