Wardrobe Essentials to Be Well Dressed

Trends pass, style lasts… Your style. To thrive in your wardrobe, it is essential to be aware of what you are missing and to make the right clothing choices to be able to dress with pleasure every day. If this is not your case or if you feel that you need help, read this article. It will give you the keys to start dressing well thanks to the concepts of silhouettes and detox dressing. And on the other hand, gain in style with wardrobe essentials. Without breaking your wallet, with kindness.

Do you know your morphology?

Before you tackle the basics of wardrobe (I already propose 7 in this article), it is essential to know your body type well. There are 6 of them represented by letters of the alphabet to express the shape of your body: A, V, X, H, I and O. The first question to ask yourself: do you know your figure? If so, so much the better. You already have a valuable tool to know which clothes will fit you. If not, it is a gap that you must urgently fill in order to create a personal style in full consciousness. I refer you to this article on’silhouette types: get to know yourself so you can dress well’. You will discover your morphology. And from there, the types of clothes, cuts, materials and colours that will enhance you. You will understand why you feel uncomfortable with certain clothes.

Do you know what a detox dressing is?

The second question to ask yourself is about your wardrobe: do you now have a wardrobe that is practical, airy and makes you happy? If so, so much the better. You have certainly already done a detox dressing and juggle with your clothes easily every day. If not, it is high time for you to take action and get out of the way. I suggest you read this article on “how to properly sort your clothes for a flawless detox dressing room?”. You will see, thanks to a simple and effective method in 3 steps, you will revolutionize your dressing room and free your mind at the same time. The result: a total fulfillment with your clothes and your style. You will understand what it means to have a real, conscious and controlled detox dressing. Who better than you to create a fabulous wardrobe?

Essential to have style for sure

I come to this article: the essentials of a wardrobe. I propose 7 of them here. An essential is a piece that matches a large number of clothes. You will wear it for many years and it will never disappoint you to create pretty stylish looks for you every day. Style and especially personal style is the ability to create feminine outfits that make you happy and give you the image you want to send back to the world: the image of a fulfilled woman, well in her body and in her shoes. Unlike the ephemeral trends of fashion magazines, style is not superficial. It never goes out, it is part of you and it can upset your relationship to clothing. It can change your life! Never forget that if there is one thing you can’t delegate on a daily basis, it’s your style.

Here are essentials to start improving your personal style:

A trench coat

This is a must-have top that every woman should have in her wardrobe. The trench coat remains timeless, stylish and suitable for all silhouettes. Choose it preferably in a camel tone that will illuminate your complexion, neither too long nor too short. If the model is well cut, it will be bent just the right way to fit your size and give you a beautiful look. It can be worn with both pants (jeans, chino, tailor’s pants) and short pieces (skirts and dresses). Don’t forget the details that will make the difference: the belt, buttons and a pretty quality lining.

A pair of colorful pumps

What could be better than wearing a pretty pair of colorful pumps to make you want to conquer the world. Choose heel models, preferably between 5 and 8 cm for your comfort (if you like higher heels and support them, of course, enjoy yourself). In terms of colour, bright red, lemon yellow, peach-orange or nude. These bright colours will dress your feet and give a touch of originality to your entire silhouette. So choose a sober outfit because this pair of shoes is enough for itself. To find out how to wear them properly, go to the article “How to wear high heel pumps properly?

I hope this article will inspire you to take action to improve your style and create a personal style that makes you feel fulfilled every day. Remember, what is not planned does not exist. Plan time for yourself today. Read the articles proposed to 1) know your figure and finally know what clothes will fit you; 2) clear your wardrobe with a detox dressing and 3) try out the essentials to create your style. I’m counting on you!

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