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Tips to Keep Your Clothes Looking Great

Your white tops have the blues after only three washes? Do you have the annoying habit of shrinking your favorite sweaters? Have you ever burned your lucky dress? Here’s a catch-up session for all the dunces of the interview!

1. Stop Recalcitrant Tasks

A grease stain on your blouse? To save your life, you will need to put a little elbow grease on your garment. And there’s not a minute to lose. Start by removing excess material with a knife to avoid spreading the stain. Wet the stained fabric with cold water and rub vigorously with Marseille soap (your savior). Rinse with cold water and repeat the operation if necessary. Once this first washing is done, go to the washing machine! The other alternative? Use ready-to-use stain removers just before going into the machine.

The extra tip: a deodorant stain on your beautiful black dress? Use the fibres of your tights to remove white stains. Next time, remember to put on your deodorant once you’re dressed.

2. Snow White Linen

The cleaning experts have all their little secrets, not so well kept after all. For example, to restore your white laundry to its former strength, soak it for 30 minutes in a mixture of baking soda (2 tablespoons) and white vinegar before washing. The process is also very effective in eliminating bacteria and bad odours (essential when washing at low temperatures). In short, a must!

The extra tip: to blanch your laundry, you can also throw a bag of baking powder in your machine, or two aspirin tablets.

3. Gentle Slope Washing

If there was a word to remember to keep your clothes impeccable for as long as possible, it would be “softness”. Forget high-temperature washing, which is not usually necessary for ordinary laundry. Prefer a cycle 30 for daily use. When you have particularly delicate laundry, it is best to wash it by hand. Otherwise, put your fragile clothes in a washing net or pillowcase to avoid friction.

The trick in addition: Zip, motus and mouth sewn, remember to reassemble the zippers of your clothes before going into the machine.

4. We Don’t Put Everyone in the Same Basket

To avoid defective colours, scrupulously sort the colours and materials before washing, and if possible use a detergent dedicated to white and another to black. Don’t give in to the temptation to overload the machine either: you risk not only wearing it out prematurely, but also that your laundry doesn’t smell like roses. Remember not to dry the black laundry in the sun so that it does not lighten. And above all, don’t overuse the tumble dryer, which can damage clothes over time.

The extra tip: Specialists advise you to air your closet regularly in order to keep your clothes longer.

5. Please Behave Yourself!

You will grant us, a poorly ironed outfit instantly makes its holder lose all fashion credibility. If ironing is not your thing, help yourself by choosing a quality iron. It will change your life and save you a lot of time! Choose, for example, the Lift power units from the Swiss brand Laurastar, a reference in the world of haute couture. This nomadic and practical object is also ultra-efficient. Not only will you iron and smooth your clothes in a jiffy thanks to its tenfold efficiency, but you will also eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and mites (Institut Pasteur estimates that only a wash between 66 and 88 degrees eliminates these pathogens). How does it work? Thanks to the hygienic steam DMS (Dry Microfine Steam), which circulates at a speed 15 times faster than conventional irons. This means that the brand has been recommended in Swiss maternity hospitals for 35 years since bacteria are eliminated without the need to use products that are toxic to the environment and babies.

The extra trick: to keep your clothes impeccable, it is ideal to hang them from hangers. But not just any of them. For knits, jackets and tops, prefer round, ideally padded hangers so as not to deform them. For trousers, clothes hangers with clips, and finally for shirts, classic clothes hangers to keep their appearance.

Basic Fashion That All Women Should Have In Their Wardrobe

Timeless and timeless, basics are those rare pieces that resist all trends and that’s why you absolutely must have them in your dressing room! Here are the 6 real basics in which you should invest as soon as possible.

  1. A Lace Bra
    For a few seasons now, the trend of apparent lingerie has been a hit! But beware, we forget the push-up bra and replace it with a “bralette”, a triangle without underwire that will be glamorous without falling into vulgarity. In winter, it is combined with a V-neck sweater to bring out the lace on the neckline. When the sun is back, replace your sweater with a fluid blouse that you will open with a few buttons to reveal the details of your bra. It’s chic and sensual!
  2. A Striped Shirt
    In general, the shirt is THE piece that you must absolutely have in your dressing room. We like its masculine look, which goes perfectly with raw jeans for an ultra trendy androgynous look, but we especially love the fact that it is constantly reinventing itself by multiplying prints, colours and different lengths. And if we’re only going to keep one, it’s the striped shirt you need to have on hand every morning! Be careful, however, we prefer fine stripes and avoid colours that are too flashy.
  3. A Black Leather Jacket
    If you still don’t have a black leather jacket in your wardrobe, know that this is clearly the room in which you need to invest… and as soon as possible! It goes through the seasons without taking a wrinkle and it can be worn with absolutely everything, in short, it is the basic fashion that all women love. With sneakers, a pair of heel boots or moccasins, it adapts to all styles and especially to all seasons. In autumn and spring, it is perfect to face the light fresh wind.