Effective Tips To Look Bigger

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Being taller: everyone’s dream… little ones! Of course, you want to look taller without necessarily having to wear dizzying heels every day. So, it is better to turn to tricks that are pleasant illusions to lengthen your silhouette. Here are five easy and effective ways to look taller.


Choosing The Right Clothes

The top

  • Tight-fitting clothes will benefit you more than loose-fitting clothes.
  • The V-neck will be a better ally than the round neck.
  • Plain tones, monochrome looks, and small patterns will help you in your quest for greatness.

The bottom

  • Avoid anything that is too loose.
  • A short skirt, above the knee, will give the impression of long legs.
  • For pants or jeans, choose more flared styles. High waist pants are also a good choice.

Be careful, long skirts and low waist pants will give the impression of shortening your legs.

Wearing a shoe the same color as the pants will give the illusion of a long leg.

To Be Banned

Horizontal lines (both top and bottom). Instead, choose vertical lines, which will attract the eye from top to bottom, not from left to right or to specific details.

Cut Your Hair… Or Pull It Up!

The little ones will benefit from wearing short hair, at least a cut above the shoulders. By clearing your shoulders, you will notice your upper body in height and not in width. Do you care about your long hair? A few lighter highlights could remove their effect of length and heaviness. When you want to give yourself a little more height, remember to pull your hair up. From the high ponytail to Marge Simpson’s overdressing, there are countless “high” hairstyles that you will love.

Wear Open-Toed Shoes

It is possible to gain a few centimeters with high-heeled, thin pumps as long as your gait does not betray you. However, not everyone can walk elegantly on stilts. In this case, opt for open-toed shoes. With a short skirt, that would be perfect. Remember, the more skin you see, the longer your leg gets.

three women and effective tips to look bigger

Favor Small Accessories

If you want to grow with accessories, you have to think small. You may say it’s a nice paradox, but it’s an effective tactic. So, choose a thin belt over a very wide one. The same applies to bags: ban shoulder bags and carry discreet small bags with delicate details instead. No large glasses or extravagant jewelry in your future purchases; any accessories that attract the eye elsewhere than along your body length should be eliminated!

Standing Up Straight

Your (good) posture automatically makes you taller, whether you are standing or sitting. Your colleague at the office, the tall brunette, almost 6 feet tall, seems to lean forward when she walks. Do the opposite. Back off your shoulders and chin, keep your head straight, and look far ahead. How about a little yoga to strengthen your posture? Do you know of any other tricks that make it look bigger?

How To Do The Sales Well? Survival Guide

To achieve the best deals, it is essential to prepare the sales a little. Locations, fittings, online purchases, or loyalty cards… Here are some tips and tricks to be 100% effective during sales.

Make An Inventory Of Your Dressing Room:

To spend money usefully, do not hesitate to make an inventory of your closet a few days in advance. A good way to achieve effective sales.

To prepare for sales effectively and avoid compulsive purchases, open your closet and take an inventory of what you really need.
The basics to have? One or two jeans (slim, flare or boyfriend, denim or black color…), a white shirt, a small black dress, a beautiful sweater, a skirt or trousers suit for interviews or events, a beautiful coat, a handbag adapted for everyday use, a clutch plus evening, a pair of boots for winter and a pretty pair of pumps to take height

Of course, it is a non-exhaustive list that each one will complete according to her professional activity and her tastes. To this list, you can also add the season’s basics such as the jean shirt or compensated sneakers if you think you can join this trend.

If you are afraid of forgetting an article, write a short list. And we can already see you panic from here: nothing will stop you from falling for yet another pair of pumps. The purpose of the sales is still to have fun. Phew! Phew!

Doing Scouting:

The second step for successful sales is to check the days before to save time once the kick-off has been given.

For sales, the secret to saving time and money is to spot them a few days before the launch. The task is oh so difficult! It will be necessary to do a shopping session (but be careful without buying anything) beforehand! Check out your favorite stores to find out which models you want. Make a note of the price of the items you want to buy in order to check that the promotions advertised are indeed advertised at the price posted thirty days before the start of the sales. If this is not the case, you can turn against the store by calling on the DGCCRF.

Attention also needs to be paid to the many promotional periods that have taken place recently due to the crisis and floating sales. “In the event of a promotion in the thirty-day period preceding the sales, the lowest price during this period will be used as a reference,” specifies Nicolas Godfroy, a lawyer at the UFC Que Choisir. If a product was at 50% off on December 28, the sales markdown will have to be applied to this discounted price.

two women covering eyes and effective tips to look bigger


When it comes to looking bigger, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, focus on building up your muscles. This will not only make you look bigger but feel stronger and more confident as well. Second, make sure your clothing fits well and flatters your figure. Avoid baggy clothes[1] that will make you look shapeless. Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different hairstyles and makeup looks to create the illusion of more size. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to look your best and feel great about yourself.